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Just a few months ago, Facebook introduced promoted stories to attract more advertisers as this feature allows page owners to directly promote their Facebook page posts/updates. Recently, this feature has become one of the top earners for Facebook as it struggles to increase it’s revenue. A recent study suggests that the California based Social Network will make efforts to increase the number of advertisements and just recently, an “Advertise” button has been added near the “Log Out” menu, suggesting the company’s plan to increase revenue.

Just before the IPO, GM pulled it’s advertisements from Facebook. Facebook lost a $40 million investor due to poor advertising channels. GM news affected Facebook’s IPO negatively as the stock is still under performing. However, the recent changes made to the FB Advertising channel has surely attracted new advertisers and regular users can also easily set up new ads.

Sponsored Stories are also among the top earners for Facebook. Facebook is doing everything possible to send users to the “Advertise” page by adding additional links pointing to this ad-set up page. This has made some users angry but investors are happy with the current changes. Facebook still doesn’t have a buy rating from most analysts.

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