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CEO, Dom Leca, made an announcement where he announced about Sparrow being acquired by Google Inc. No agreement details were released by Google Inc. The search engine giant is already dominating web email through it’s free web based email service “Gmail”, which was launched in 2004.

Google’s Gmail has taken over Yahoo and Hotmail email services as according to a new report, new user signups have increased significantly for the search engine giant. It’s continuing to dominate the world of email through it’s free services such as Google Apps. Recently, some North American universities have switched to Google’s free email service for their students at no cost [which would mean less servers for universities]. Google benefits from it in many ways. The advertisement is displayed each time a student/user accesses their email account and this can be many times during a day. This helps Google cover up server costs and earn more revenue at the same time.

Sparrow will merge it’s terms of use with those of Google’s on August 24, 2012. Tech analysts have called it a “smart move” as the search giant continues to dominate the world with it’s free services.

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