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Yahoo said today that it’s taking action to prevent future security breaches and investigating after the news came out that more than 450,000 Yahoo user names and passwords were leaked out. The hacker group D33DS, which is possibly linked with this matter has posted online details of these stolen user accounts.

This security breach only affects less than one percent of total Yahoo Email users as the company has more than 295 million active users, according to Kate Wesson. It is greatly possible that users who use Yahoo Voice were the victims. They are recommended to change their Yahoo account passwords.

In the past, other free email services like Microsoft’s Hotmail and Google’s Gmail have been attacked. However, it is believed that it was a SQL Inject attack. Yahoo’s shares dropped 0.70% today and more than 18.39 million shares were traded at the end of the trading session.

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  1. Kamran says:

    Bad News for Yahoo Inc

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